Welcome and thank you for dropping by! My name is Kirstyn, a Canadian from the west coast, and he’s Lewis, from the south of England. We decided to create this space for a number of reasons, but primarily we wanted a place where we could be creative, share our adventures, and stay connected with friends and family. We hope this space develops into a beautiful time capsule of our adventures, a reminder to live life to its fullest, and an inspiration for you, likeminded individuals, to LIVE, LOVE and LAUGH!

Why Reaching after Wanderlust?

I came up with the name Reaching after Wanderlust after realizing I spent most of my days day-dreaming of what could be – scrolling through my favourite instagramers, bloggers and vloggers feeds- and wanting to be there. I was reaching after their lives and their adventures forgetting that I’m on an adventure of my own. So, follow us as we work to live in the now and continue to reach after wanderlust, creating moments of our own (no matter how imperfect or raw they may be).


I’m a West Coast BC girl and he’s a boy from Plymouth, England

We met in 2011 while working together at PGL in England, I was on a GAP year

We LOVE frenchies and hope to have one in the future

We have been travelling between Canada and England for the past six years

I’m a Disney gal at heart, he is not (but I hope to convert him!)

We hope you enjoy this space and we are so glad you’re here.